Monday, December 6, 2010

On day of Corey Haim funeral, 911 tape released

On day of Corey Haim funeral, 911 tape released

Well I finally have a date on when I'm getting that big day. (Interview) Look already I have a (fab) job at a library, but this girl needs more, bigger ,better things in life.
So wish me some luck on that.  

Now last night for some strange and ungodly reason Corey Haim was in my head, and I really can not began to explain why. That chantex is really starting to make me bug. Anyway I decided to watch The 2 Corey's , omg let me tell you how much that show bothered me. Normally something like this that has nothing to do with my life effect me that this did. But I have been a die hard Haim Fan from way back. Anyhow it was sad to me the way the show went. How upset Corey was about his friendship, brotherhood that he had bonded with Corey .F ,was gone. How he was willing to just let that go. I could see how deeply it hurt Haim. I just had to shut it off. You know being a woman and a mother myself. I already have tons of hormonal feelings that race threw my veins on a day to day basis. But on a real serious not heart bleeds for Haims mom. For his sister and father. For the FANS!!!!
All that I'm trying to say is America wasn't it heart breaking to see him this way. Why did you have to go Corey,...
We love you....FOREVER...


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